Nutritional Advises

No matter what the enviroment (competition or breeding) a horse’s diet has to be adapted to its ability to digest, it must be balanced according to its metabolic requirements, it must bepractical and also reasonably economical. A horse’s nutritional plan should balance its needs in 8 different dietary catagories: water, dry matter, energy, fibre, protein, lipids, minerals and vitamins.

At any age, a nutrional imbalance in a competing horse can compromise its body’s development and the strength of its muscles and joints. It is also a fact that the sporting success of a horse is the result of the best combination of genetics, training and diet. Bearing these three points in mind, professional breeders and trainers require good professional advice from us on the subject of horse feeding.

Today our wide knowledge of horse nutrition allows us to follow completely the feeding programmes of large studs and stables. The services offered can be:

  • Advice given through a nutritional assistance agreement (for a period of 2 years, for example),
  • The development and analysis of a detailed nutritional assessment with corresponding recommendations,
  • The carrying out of a nutritional analysis of forage or cereals.

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